TeamMaze Bootcamp

Hey Waddup, It’s Maze.

I’m extremely blessed to tell you that…

This year I’m personally bringing RSD’s world-class bootcamps straight to your CITY.

To refresh your mind, an RSD bootcamp is a program where you go out with a 3:1, student to instructor ratio, into nightclubs, bars, cafes, daytime venues, basically EVERYWHERE… and MEET a shit-ton of girls.

You see the instructor (in this case, me) do LIVE demonstrations approaching beautiful women, and you as a student are then pushed at an intense level to replicate the SAME RESULTS.

It’s the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to getting good with girls if you ask anyone who’s taken the program.

So why have me as your instructor?

After traveling and teaching with almost every RSD instructor (mostly Tyler) for the past 2 years…

… I’ve ingrained DECADES (if not more) of pickup SUCCESS principles straight to my brain, to the point of massive overflow.

What to do with all this knowledge?

Good guess, I now want to share this with YOU.

But more importantly… help you:

  • Obliterate approach anxiety for good
  • Add hotter girls into your overall lifestyle
  • Improve your social skills to an elite-level
  • Skyrocket your sexual abundance with women
  • Take full control of your dating life
  • Learn the art of cold-approach pickup fast
  • Break new records in your game if your stuck
  • And much more…

I’m no fair-weather when it comes to my bootcamps… I operate at 110% and don’t stop until I see your game witness a giant BREAKTHROUGH or leave your reality flat-out crushed (in a good way).

Here’s a peek of what you can expect by taking my bootcamp:

  • Learn how to never run out of things to say. Unleash the inner floodgates that will allow you to talk like a gold chatterbox 24/7. Simply have ease in expressing your thoughts and words as if they were music to people’s ears.
  • Develop the natural instinct to sense when girls are drooling over you. Use this as an advantage—dictate your interactions and transcend the need for permission, to ALWAYS move things forward.
  • How to deal with “rejection.” Understand the simple mindset that casanovas use to defeat this delusion. Radically reshape your thought process and adapt the mindset of a man with TRUE abundance.
  • How to design your nights to become more exciting, epic, and glorious. Stop bashing your head against the wall and start smashing girls against the wall. Generate the ability to go out and have the consistency of pulling girls back home.
  • Guys spend countless piles of cash and years trying to learn how to pick up girls. Yet, you have access to learn it all in one exhilarating, mind-blowing, hand-packed weekend. PLUS—a complete personalized in-depth debrief of what your current strengths and weaknesses are.
  • What never to do when bringing girls back home. Avoid the critical mistakes men make when they are seconds away from hot passionate sex.

In short, picture bootcamp as being all the dating products you have ever taken (or will take in the future) and have it be put on steroids.

Once you do bootcamp, life will never be the same and that’s a promise.

Don’t spend another year thinking “what if’s” anymore… life is short and if you still aren’t happy with your current sex life, let me give you the antidote for keeps.

To reserve your epic RSD bootcamp experience, while seats are still available…

Scroll below, pick your closest city, and hit the “Sign Up” button!

I look forward to working with you,

- RSD Maze


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